The golden lines in the circle have deep significance, the logo represents a broken ceramic bowl repaired using the Japanese art form of Kintsugi, also known as Kintsukuroi. The Kintsugi technique is thought to have been invented around the 15th century, and it still feels very relevant today.

The philosophy is to not throw away the broken bowl or pot, but instead to repair the seams using gold, creating something stronger and more beautiful than it was before. Repairing does not mean concealing the cracks and lines, rather we appreciate the bowl for surviving the break.

I came across this philosophy whilst researching content for a course on resilience and adaptability last year, it resonated deeply with me. Similarly, when we find cracks or lines appearing in us or indeed in those we lead or manage, it is often difficult to know what path to follow. Putting in the work to repair with gold is a choice we can all make.


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